Linky's 16th Birthday

Linky’s 16th Birthday

Cats are very stimulated by scents, so for Linky’s birthday we prepared a sniffing extravaganza in the form of stuffed animals rolled around in smelly substances.  The smelly contestants included coffee, peanut butter, catnip, garlic, lime, steak, wet cat food, cinnamon, chicken, and whiskey.  His enclosure was decorated with the traditional Chimps Inc. painted birthday banners, and each stuffed animal was hung on a string right at Linky’s face level where they could swing back and forth.  Linky checked out each scented plush toy, as well as his banners, but his favorite was the cinnamon covered stuffed Hello Kitty toy.  Check out the video for his reaction.

Linky also enjoyed an extra large breakfast of steak and chicken, and spent time sunbathing in the grass.