Lovable Herbie

Lovable Herbie

Its a beautiful day here at Chimps Inc. Most of the chimps are enjoying the warm sun and the cool breeze outside in the front and garden enclosures or in the big outdoors. Herbie is the exception today as he often is; he is quietly hanging out alone in C cage. Herbie is spending the afternoon reading magazines (adorably, he tends to hold his magazines upside down) and taking breaks to study me just as I study him. I love that Herbie seems to be as equally interested in humans as we are in him. When I look away from him to type some observations, he claps to get my attention and doesn’t hesitate to touch his nose again and again.

Herbie has his certain lovable quirks, my favorite being when he touches his nose. In American Sign Language this nose touch means ‘flower’, but to Herbie this sign has come to mean ‘good boy’ as overtime various caregivers, volunteers, and interns have been so impressed with him that they just say ‘good boy’ when he touches his nose. I like to think Herbie is saying “I’m a good boy, you know I’m a good boy, right?!” when he does this. Maybe he is showing off or even seeking approval. Whatever it means to Herbie, we all know he really is a good boy.

Herbie always finds a way to remind me of his intelligence and unique personality. Time spent with Herbie is time well spent.


Chloe O., Intern