Miss Thiele's 28th Birthday Bash

Miss Thiele’s 28th Birthday Bash

Thiele is not usually the most human-interactive chimpanzee at Chimps Inc. She is friends with just about every chimp at the sanctuary and can often be found grooming another chimp but few volunteers get the pleasure of having a deep interaction with her. I suppose you could call her a chimp’s chimp. All this aside, everybody loves a birthday party and Thiele was no exception. While watching the humans prepare for her party, Thiele exclaimed her excitement to Patti and Topo, panting with them and reaching for their hands (these are both examples of strong chimpanzee bonding!). Thile seemed to genuinely enjoy all the attention and special treats and decorations. Always agile, she used a rope in the enclosure as a tight rope and made her way over to a kiddie pool full of frozen berries first thing. Patti soon joined her at the pool and they shared some sister time. They must have agreed that this was a great hot weather treat. Treats were hidden all around every enclosure and the chimps really had to climb to every area to collect them all. Gorgeous chimp that she is, we often spot her admiring herself in a small hand mirror so we even set up a great dress up area in the big outdoor enclosure complete with glittery sunglasses, necklaces, and a full sized mirror.

When it came time for presents, Thiele provided an enthusiastic reaction and hooted as she claimed her colorful gift bag filled with toys, trail mix, costume jewelry, gummy fruit snacks, a birthday hat, and a whole melon all to herself. Known for stuffing as many treats into her mouth at one time as possible, Thiele took her time with her birthday treats and savored the rare snacks.

Thiele was not the only one who received gifts on her birthday. Each chimp received their own personalized gift bag full of toys and snacks. As the group was released into the big outdoor enclosure for the first time that day, they ran excitedly through the tunnel, eager to find all of the special birthday enrichment and to celebrate. Jackson and Emma  immediately enjoyed pulling down all of the birthday streamers and banners while waiting to receive their gift bags and could barely contain themselves as caregivers tried to squeeze the bags of goodies through the feed door.

Thiele may be reserved most of the time, but yesterday she showed us that she sure knows how to party when it counts.

Check out this album to see photos of all the birthday festivities!