More Than Just Animals

More Than Just Animals

Taking care of animals is often more than just taking care of animals. For the small team of staff at Chimps Inc., we extend ourselves to realms beyond our natural being. To the best of our abilities, we strive to become ‘Jack-of-All-Trades.’ In stepping outside of our inherent strengths, which primarily fall towards nurturing and helping animals, we embrace the challenges that go along with working for a nonprofit sanctuary.

Just like the chimps, we are avid problem-solvers. We use tools to make things work and sometimes, we succeed (insert humor). When confronted by unexpected repairs and, or projects that offer no obvious solutions, we put our ‘thinking caps’ on. For some of us, this ends up in a strategic, one-on-one battle with the internet to find the right answers.

We’ve learned the essence of youtube as it can be an excellent resource for teaching oneself how to fix foreign objects. Some of my favorite problem-solving memories include learning and attempting the repair of clogged sinks *see photo, leaky pipes, faulty toilets, broken dryers, unruly weed whackers and such. I owe Marla thanks for teaching me how to drill concrete, install a dishwasher, “Macguyver” broken pipes and the best yet, dig a french drainage system for an outdoor water bin.

And so it is….caring for animals is more than just caring for animals. So much more goes on behind the scenes.

Although an opposable thumb on the foot would reward us well in our jobs, the loving and caring people here at Chimps Inc. exhibit impressive “pep in the step” movement. Everyone moves with a sense of speed, so as to accomplish all things necessary to making this lovely little place a successful, thriving sanctuary for the chimpanzees and lynxes. How fortunate I feel to work alongside a collection of such creative, talented, hard-working and passionate people. ~Shayla Scott, Snr. Caregiver