Patti’s 33rd Birthday Party

Friday September 11th 2015 was an amazing day at Chimps Inc. because it was Patti’s 33rd birthday. Before we could celebrate with the birthday girl and her friends, we had to decorate for the festive day. We put streamers up and banners that were wishing Patti a very happy birthday. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget lots and lots of fun treats. That was mostly in the Front, Garden and Sawdust enclosures. In the Big Outdoor enclosure we went all out because the girl of the day was going to be out there. We put streamers, treats, toys and a big box fort. We had two huge boxes filled with fun items like stuffed animals and walnts, and little boxes all taped together into one big tower. There was a piñata hanging up in the holding pen filled with treats. The fun was about to begin.

The beginning of the fun was when Herbie’s group (Herbie, Emma, Jackson and Thiele) were in Front, Garden and Sawdust. They enjoyed Garden and Sawdust a little more, the excitement wore off when they were let into Front. They had a blast. It was fun to watch them explore all the new things. We also got throw flowers over the top of the enclosure and watch them fall through while everyone grabbed them. Thiele was my favorite because she would not miss one. She started from one end of the platform in Garden and grabbed each one until she reached the other side. It was just fun to sit and watch them eat their flowers and the other treats. Finally the moment we have been waiting for had arrived. Patti was finally allowed entrance to the Big Outdoor enecosure. Her group had Topo and CJ. Patti was the first one into the holding pen, we thought she was going for the piñata but she wasn’t that interested in it. She just ripped the leg and continued to the big outdoors where more fun lie. CJ, on the other hand, was very interested in the piñata because she had no mercy for it. She grabbed it and pulled it down, took it up to the higher tunnel and ripped it opened all in like two moves. It was pretty impressive to watch. She didn’t even share. By this time Patti had made it to the box fort and tipped it over. She opened one of them and took all the stuff out and actually got inside of the box and laid in it. It was one of the cutest things that I have seen. I have never seen a chimp just sit in a box. The other thing that I found really funny was that on the other box, Patti tore a little window and climb in through there and sat down and looked out the window. Watching her was so entertaining.

It was finally time for gifts and it is pretty cool that they all got a gift. I know it’s smart because caregivers don’t want anyone fighting over gifts but it is still nice. Their gift bags were full of treats and other fun things. Patti’s was special because she got makeup in her bag. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see her put the eyeshadow on. I have heard many stories about when she has done that. She was more interested in the food. Overall, the party was a huge success and I believe Patti had a great time, I know I did from just watching her. I wish my family would go all for my birthdays as Chimps Inc. does for their chimps on their birthdays.


Deborah S., Intern