Peanut Forage

The chimps sure love a good forage.  It encourages natural behavior and can occupy the chimps for a good amount of time.  Every so often, we throw out a big peanut forage and watch the chimps scavenge for shelled peanuts.  The caregivers and interns throw them all around the indoor and outdoor enclosures, hiding some so the chimps have to look hard to get all of them.  The big outdoors is especially fun for forages because we have over an acre of space with a massive play structure to hide the bits of food.


Foraging for peanuts

While the weather hasn’t been great in Central Oregon, the sun peaked out just enough today for a fun forage in all enclosures.  We all tossed, hid, buried, and threw peanuts around the enclosures, allowing the chimps to see as we threw them.  They all let out big pant hoots and hugged in excitement.  We let them out with a few excited screams and watched them utilize all of the space in the big outdoors.  They searched every nook and cranny until they found all of the delicious morsels.  They spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the beautiful sunlight, enjoying the warmth and fresh air, probably dreaming of peanuts.