Photographing Chimps

Photographing Chimps


In my opinion, (and I believe many others agree;) chimpanzees are incredibly hard to photograph.  Between their active lifestyles and dark coloring, it is hard to get a picture with the right lighting, right zoom, right focus, etc.; and not to mention the fact they are in fenced-in enclosures at all times.  Although we do our best, we are grateful for all the help we can get.  Local photographer Jill Rosell came out to the sanctuary last week to get some shots, and she was a great sport about climbing up two different ladders to get the perfect angle of the chimps foraging in the Big Outdoors.  Jackson, however, was not such a good sport.  He refused to come out into the Big Outdoors, and instead watched the activity from the tunnels.  When I went to go check in with him, he had a camera of his own that he was holding in front of his face.  He mimicked my action when I snapped the photo below by pressing the shutter button down on his camera; he just couldn’t quite figure out which way to hold it.

-Allie Morgan, Caregiver


Thanks, Jill!

 See Jill’s work here: