Indoor Chimpanzee Habitats

The sanctuary has two large indoor habitats which the chimps always have access to.  Our newest indoor habitat, the Playhouse, was completed in 2007.  It is a 2,200 square foot, bi-level building with an expansive vaulted ceiling and heated floors.  There are 12 oversized skylights casing the entire roof allowing the central Oregon sun to shine through.

The interior of the Playhouse is specifically designed to meet the physical and behavioral needs of chimpanzees by offering high nesting areas, multi-level platforms, hammocks and durable fire hoses to swing from.  The windows are made of laminated layers of Lexan-tempered safety glass which allows the chimps to look outside without having the obstruction of bars in the enclosures.  The Playhouse also has a complete kitchen and food preparation area where volunteers can observe and interact with the chimps, and chimps can watch their meals be prepared.

The second indoor habitat, the Chimp House, consists of four separate enclosures and a playroom where the chimps sleep at night.  The Playroom is approximately 1,100 square feet and consists of benches, hammocks, nesting areas, windows, ropes and fire hose for swinging, and colorful murals painted on the walls.

Indoor habitats