Thiele was born on July 14, 1986 in Vallejo, California.  She spent her early years at Marine World USA with her biological sister, Patti, and surrogate sister, Maggie.  Thiele was forced to perform unnatural tricks to the laughter and amusement of crowds of people throughout her childhood.  However, like most chimpanzees, Thiele soon became too strong, unmanageable and dangerous to be handled by her trainers or work around the public.  Though her “career” was over, Thiele remained at the park as a companion for Maggie, who continued to be exploited for several more years.

In 1999 when Maggie also became too dangerous to work, both chimps were relocated to a breeding facility in Auburn, California.  In 2005, when the facility was no longer able to care for their chimpanzees, it was only natural that Thiele and Maggie move to Chimps Inc. to join Patti.   After nine long years of separation, the sister trio reunited with elated pant hoots and big embraces.

Though the sisterly love is evident, Thiele has also become good friends with Topo, the alpha male, and she is often able to bring out his silly side by initiating a play session. The two can often be seen tickling and wrestling with each other, which is truly a sight to see.  Thiele is extremely sharp, always keeping an eye on the activities of her fellow chimp and human friends.  Though very independent, she still acknowledges her staff and volunteer friends with her characteristic head shake and accompanying grunt.  One of her favorite activities is looking at her reflection in mirrors.  Some may think it’s vain, but she’s so pretty, who can blame her!

Although chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, they should never be raised as humans, kept as pets, or used for public entertainment or biomedical research.  While cute and cuddly when they are small, they quickly grow up to be unpredictable and dangerous.  Chimpanzees are wild animals and deserve to be treated as such.  Support legislation to stop the exotic pet trade and entertainment industry!  Chimpanzees share 98.76% of our DNA and deserve 100% of our commitment and respect.

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Most of the residents at Chimps Inc. arrived here after years of living in substandard conditions in the entertainment industry or private sector.  Each of their stories are different and many are heartbreaking, but there is a common thread in every case: an emotional being that deserves a second chance at life in a permanent, loving sanctuary.  By symbolically adopting a resident, you are helping to provide spacious indoor and outdoor enclosures, connections to “family” groups, stimulating enrichment, and fresh, natural foods in a peaceful environment.

For a donation of $10/month, you will receive a beautiful adoption package complete with an informative biography, personalized adoption certificate, glossy photograph, an animal fact sheet, and a subscription to our quarterly newsletter. You will also receive biannual updates on your adoptee.

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 *PLEASE NOTE: Adoptions are symbolic only. The animal does not actually go home with you. Donations made via animal adoption are used for the care, feeding and maintenance of the animals.

Chimps Inc. cares for seven chimpanzees and one Canadian lynx.