Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

While we rack our brains to come up with new, exciting, and novel enrichment for the chimps, sometimes they find the greatest pleasure in simple objects. The other morning, I arrived to find Emma sitting in front of the window with a plain, tan sock on her hand as if it were a sock puppet. She examined the sock and played with it for awhile, then seemed suddenly embarrassed when she caught me trying to take a photo of her. Later that day, I found Topo playing with the very same tan sock. He was using it to clean, and was very focused on soaking it in a bowl of water then wiping down surfaces of the indoor enclosure. Emma is known for her love of cleaning, in fact that bowl of water was placed in that enclosure, along with a sponge for her enjoyment. For Topo, though this was not a very frequent behavior so it was funny to see him so enthralled with his task.

It is no secret that Jackson loves his stuffed animals, but when he finds a favorite he will carry it with him until it is just a rag. This week he was waving one of these rags around while hanging from the ceiling, laughing while he flailed wildly. When he saw me he ran over and shoved the rag through the mesh of the enclosure to give it to me. Jackson stared as I tried the rag on as a hat, then a mask, but he began laughing hysterically as soon as I started waving the rag around as erratically as he did. I guess just as can be the case with human children, sometimes the simple things can be the most fun.

Check out a short video of Topo cleaning.


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor