Singing to Thiele

As I was walking through the Playhouse today, I started singing under my breath, and Thiele immediately got up and began walking towards me.  I sat down and started to sing louder and she came and sat in front of me.  Normally when Thiele lets me sit with her, she stares off into space and generally ignores me, but this time she was staring straight into my eyes, hands on the mesh, apparently paying close attention.  When I finished the song, I made to get up but she grunted and shook her head the way she does when she’s trying to get your attention so I started singing another song.  We sat together for about 20 minutes as I sang her song after song, and she just gazed at me intently, every so often stretching her fingers towards me and wiggling them like she was trying to get me to come closer.  I’m not sure if she likes my voice or if she was reaching towards me in an attempt to shut me up, but it was a really wonderful moment with her.  I’m just going to assume that her rapt attention was complimentary and enjoy the ego boost.  Thanks, Thiele!

Rachel Bronstein, Caregiver