Special Donation Funds

Enclosure Enhancement and Bedroom Makeover Fund

It’s time to update our digs!  Many of the chimp enclosures are in need of new benches, climbing structures and new novel enrichment.  We started with the Front and Garden enclosures last year with help from the Webfoot Painting and Carpentry team!  Now they have inspired us to keep going!  You can help us with this by donating to our new Enclosure Enhancement and Bedroom Makeover Fund!

Emma drill

 [wp_cart:Enclosure Enhancement Fund:price:100.00:end]Enclosure Enhancement Fund – $100


Heart Health Fund

Assessing and treating cardiovascular disease has become a growing concern for those caring for great apes since the
early 1990’s. 

Heart disease is the number one killer of captive chimpanzees, and we want to ensure our chimps’ cardiac health is optimized! 

Recognizing that heart disease is not just a problem unique to humans, it is our goal to stay informed and provide our aging community with the medical resources and care they deserve.


[wp_cart:Heart Health Fund:price:100.00:end]Heart Health Fund – $100



Medical Care Fund

Providing the chimp and lynx residents at Chimps Inc. excellent medical care is extremely important to us. However, with nine animals ranging from 12 to 50 years of age, it can be a very expensive undertaking. By donating to our Medical Care Fund, you are helping to provide many different types of care that these animals deserve:

Diabetes: Captive chimps often face diabetes and thus require specialized medical treatment and monitoring. Your donation helps to provide essential supplies like medication and glucose testing strips, as well as supporting the behavioral training program which facilitates a close monitoring.

Preventive Care: Providing our younger residents with preventive care will lower the risk of health issues later in life. With your help, we can take anticipatory actions to prevent the animals from getting sick, which is hugely beneficial to their own well-being, as well as significant in lowering the cost of medical treatment to the sanctuary.

Aging Community: With two senior lynx, three adult chimps and one senior chimp, specialized treatment is required to keep them in the best shape possible as they continue to age. This includes (but is not limited to) glucosamine and joint supplements, nutritional supplements, medication for arthritis, renal failure, cardiac disease, etc.

By donating to the Medical Care Fund, you are helping to ensure that these animals’ lives are as comfortable and healthy as possible.


[wp_cart:Medical Care Fund:price:50.00:end]Medical Care Fund – $50


Maggie tongue depressor

Behavioral Training Fund
The Behavioral Training Program at Chimps Inc. promotes the physical and psychological health of the animals in our care.  Through the use of positive reinforcement techniques, the chimps are trained to voluntarily cooperate with and participate in a range of veterinary and husbandry procedures, including everything from cooperative feeding to checking tonsils and glucose levels.  By making a general donation towards our Behavioral Training Fund, you are helping support an essential program which benefits both the caregivers and the animals by facilitating daily management, reducing the stress associated with many animal care practices, and mastering certain behaviors that will allow rapid response to any future medical needs.  As an added bonus, positive reinforcement training also provides a challenging and cognitively stimulating activity for the chimps to participate in!


[wp_cart:Behavioral Training Fund:price:25.00:end]Behavioral Training Fund – $25



Safety Fund
Safety is our number one priority at Chimps Inc.  By making a general donation towards our Safety Fund, you are helping provide essential equipment and training to ensure that all of the animal residents, staff members, interns and volunteers remain safe at all times.  Walkie-talkie radios, specialized staff safety training, emergency preparation safety drills, enclosure maintenance, and emergency medical response training are just some of the crucial features your donation will support.


[wp_cart:Safety Fund:price:25.00:end]Safety Fund – $25