Spooky October with the Chimps

Spooky October with the Chimps

October has arrived! Yellow leaves are piling up on the ground, the air is getting colder, and it’s time to decorate the sanctuary for Halloween! This week, I pulled the bins of decorations out of storage and began to set them up. I came across a scary looking werewolf mask and decided to see what the chimps thought of it. Jackson knew it was me right away but found the situation hilarious! He made a play face and laughed as I growled and pretended to bite him. CJ came over and was curious, but more apprehensive. She put her fingers out to touch the mask, but quickly lost her nerve and yanked them away as the latex teeth drew closer to her.

Jackson wanted to play again and stuck his fingers out. I took the oversized mask off of my face and used it as a puppet, pretending to bite his fingers. CJ, obviously concerned for her friend, Jackson, grabbed his wrist and pulled his hands away dramatically as if to say “No! Jackson, don’t! It’ll bite you!” JacksonĀ  continued to laugh and taunted the “werewolf” into biting him again, but was saved by CJ’s concern every time.

Getting a glimpse into the minds and different levels of understanding of these chimps always teaches me something new and CJ’s care for others continues to amaze me.


Kaleigh R., Caregiver