What kinds of things make you and the chimps happy?

Dear Patti,

What kinds of things make you and the chimps happy?

From, Christine R.

Dear Christine,

There are lots of things that make us happy, but we especially love holidays! On holidays all of our enclosures are decorated extra fun with streamers, colorful banners, and new toys! We watch from the windows of our indoor enclosures while caregivers, volunteers, and interns set up all the fun outdoors. We pant hoot in anticipation of getting to go outside and celebrate. When it’s finally time to go outside, we race through the tunnels and scramble to collect all the goodies that have been set out for us. I always collect the most! After we’ve had some time to enjoy the outdoor activities, our caregivers call us over for presents! Even on birthdays we all receive our own gift bag filled with items hand-picked by our caregivers (but sometimes we trade gift bag items with each other). On holidays we always get special treats prepared by volunteers and interns. Sometimes we get a cake made out of primate chow! Jackson thinks that holidays are especially fun because all of the work stops and everyone is free to play chase with him. After we have had treats and presents, we are exhausted and always take a really long nap!

Pant hoots and love,