As the weather has been warming up, many of us are getting our yards and gardens prepared for fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy through the summer. I have 2 large rosemary plants in my yard that have been growing a little too ecstatically over this last year. As I was trimming them up, I decided that I should share the wonderful rosemary smells with our 2 lynx cats, Alfie and Linky. I brought 2 large bags full of rosemary clippings on my next day of work. Kaleigh and I created nice beds of rosemary for each of the lynx that evening. Linky in particular loves herbs and scents. He loves them so much he sometimes is too busy rubbing all over them that he doesn’t want to eat his dinner. We had to be sure to feed him first so that the birds didn’t steal his food before he got around to eating it. Once he was finished he came over to the bed of rosemary and laid down in it, rubbing his face and happily licking his paws after a nice meal. It was the perfect way to share the wonderful rosemary smells on a nice spring day.

Rebecca, caregiver