Katie Ortiz, Caregiver, Nutrition Manager

Katie grew up in New Mexico. She majored in evolutionary anthropology and loves any and all studies related to evolution. Her evolution studies required learning about […]

Amanda Hathaway, Caregiver, Intern and Volunteer Program Coordinator

Amanda has had a passion for great apes since she was very little. Her mom worked for the Jane Goodall Institute as well as around orangutans for a short time at a zoo, so Amanda grew up in the primatology world. She received a degree in anthropology from the University of Maryland […]

Sheri Karcher, Facilities Manager

Sheri moved to Central Oregon in 2006 from California. Sheri attended University of Phoenix where she obtained an MBA to further her career in underwriting and actuarial services. Animals have always played a significant role in Sheri’s life from furry […]

Kaylee Francis, Caregiver, Media Manager

A native to Central Oregon, Kaylee has worked in various sanctuaries and non-profits since high school, directing her attention toward uncommon needs. Her hope is to […]