Amanda Hathaway, Caregiver

Amanda has had a passion for great apes since she was very little. Her mom worked for the Jane Goodall Institute as well as around orangutans for a short time at a zoo, so Amanda grew up in the primatology world. She received a degree in anthropology from the University of Maryland […]

Hannah Hutton, Caregiver

Hannah grew up in Kansas where she loved spending time outdoors hiking the Kansas wilderness with her mom, sister, and two dogs. She has been passionate about dedicating her time to helping animals in need since a young age […]

Sheri Karcher, Administration / Caregiver

Sheri moved to Central Oregon in 2006 from California. Sheri attended University of Phoenix where she obtained an MBA to further her career in underwriting and actuarial services. Animals have always played a significant role in Sheri’s life from furry […]

Leanna McGregor, Caregiver

Leanna was born and raised in Central Oregon, living most of her life in La Pine. Leanna attended Oregon State University where she spent 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in animal science. During her time at Oregon State she […]

Kaylee Francis, Caregiver

A native to Central Oregon, Kaylee has worked in various sanctuaries and non-profits since high school, directing her attention toward uncommon needs. Her hope is to […]

Stephanie Humphrey, Bookkeeper

Stephanie is an integral part of our Chimps Inc. family. She has been a bookkeeper for 10 years and started her own bookkeeping business a few years ago. Stephanie moved to Bend in 2010 to enjoy all the outdoor activities […]

Marla Meyer, Executive Director

Marla moved to Central Oregon in 1999 from Northern Idaho. After pursuing a career in Business and Marketing she later moved into Information Technology and Computer Services. Marla has been dedicated to the Chimps Inc. mission since 1995, when she began as a new volunteer. […]