Why are you bald, Patti?

Dear Patti,

Why are you bald?

From, Chloe C.

Dear Chloe,
Chimp profiles

That’s a great question! It’s a good thing that I’m not sensitive about my baldness. If you’ve been to Chimps Inc. to meet me and my friends, you’ll know that all of us look very different. Topo has a large, projecting snout, Jackson has a round belly and lanky limbs, Emma has tufts of hair that stand tall on her shoulders, CJ has grey hair all around her mouth, and Herbie is muscular with long skinny fingers. My sister Thiele isn’t bald, she’s just a really big chimp. We all look different just like you look different from your brother, sister, cousin or friend. Besides, being the only chimp with a bald head does have its perks. It helps people to tell me apart from the others, so I am usually the first one that new volunteers and interns can recognize. This means I get to make new human friends a lot sooner than the other chimps. It’s also nice to have less hair on my head – it keeps me cool on hot summer days.



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