The Bonus of Fruit Juice

The Bonus of Fruit Juice by Mr. Jackson

Today was a day for frozen treats and lots of drinks. The hot weather always serves the chimps with rounds of yummy cold things to help cool off in the afternoon sun. After giving Jackson a fruity frozen smoothie today, I watched him search out the right sized container, filled with water. Apparently, he’s a ‘dipper.’ Using his fingertips, he dunked the smoothie in water like a real professional; no hesitation or focus needed. Most of the chimps just tear off the paper cup and go for it. But Jackson is the funny one. Every bite followed with 2-3 dips, leaving behind a thick cloud of red fruity bi-product. It’s fun to think that maybe his intention was to simply to enjoy the bonus of fruit juice afterward. Indeed, he ate his frozen treat and then toted around his container of juice until it was all gone. Clever boy, Mr Jackson! ~Shayla Scott, Snr. Caregiver