The Chimps Get Spooky

The Chimps Get Spooky

In the days before Halloween, we were all busy preparing for the big day. Costumes were planned, special enrichment was made, and banners were painted. We filled the outdoor enclosures with goodie bags filled with pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit and scattered fresh fruit forage around. Stuffed animals wore masks and scarecrows were stuffed with treats and propped up around the enclosure. There was fun scented enrichment, toilet papered trees, and of course pumpkins.

Halloween is a fun day for the chimps, because not only do they get the special treats and decorations that come with every celebration at the sanctuary, but they also get to see all the humans who care for them dressed in goofy costumes! Everyone dressed up and the chimps all seemed very interested. Topo even laughed out loud at some of the more elaborate costumes.

When the chimps were finally allowed to go outside and explore the excitement was apparent and pant-hoots ensued. Thiele dragged a scarecrow all the way up to the the top of the 40 foot play structure so she could search it for treats in peace. It was very impressive watching her carry this scarecrow up the rope ladder. Patti rolled a pumpkin around the enclosure and when she found the right spot, began trying to get it open. Jackson also found a pumpkin and found that dropping it off a platform was one way to crack it open! CJ searched intensely for goodie bags and collected them as quickly as she could, before Herbie could take them all! When Herbie stepped through the door he took one look at all the fun to be had and let out a loud pant hoot before he moved on to collecting treats.

All of the chimps had a great time filling up on special goodies and exploring the novel enrichment. Check out photos from the big day in our Facebook album!


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor