The Chimps' Unique Habits

The Chimps’ Unique Habits

With cold weather and a good bit of snow on the ground, the chimps have been spending a lot of time inside lately. It’s so fun to catch glimpses of what they do to entertain themselves when they think no one is watching. This morning I caught Emma wiping the ground with a towel. It’s always nice to have a little help with the cleaning process! I later walked into the upstairs of the indoor Playhouse to find CJ in an elaborately constructed nest, holding a mirror in her foot and looking at herself.

The chimps also got a special treat for lunch today. On occasion we give them sugar free, zero calorie sodas, and each chimp had a different method to enjoying their soda. When Herbie received his lunch, he chirped with joy and ran outside to enjoy his lunch in the sun. He then promptly drank the whole bottle before exploring what else he was having for lunch. Patti on the other hand, was also very excited but she sat right where she received her lunch and took small sips for about 5 minutes, until it was all gone, then licked the rim to make sure she got every last drop. It’s so fun to watch the reactions of different chimps to the same thing. Just like us, they each have their own preferences and habits.


Makaela T., Caregiver