The Tunnels

One of the chimps favorite spots to hang out are the tunnels. When the weather is warm they love to spend their time outside in the tunnels that connect their indoor space to the large open enclosures. They carry blankets in there and curl up in the sun, or follow us around as we work outside. In the winter they all prefer one particular tunnel, we call the D tunnel.This is a smaller tunnel but all the chimps love the tunnel as one the heaters hits the tunnel straight on. Even though the chimp house is always warm and kept at 70 degrees, the chimps love it up there. All of us caregivers are sweating when we climb through the tunnel to clean it out. The chimps love to bring their blankets up there and make their nests. Thiele especially loves it as her overnight nest spot. CJ usually prefers to eat her meals there. During Christmas, she even took many of her presents up there to open. Sometimes it is a quiet place. One day last week Emma spent most of the day there, determined to relax in the tunnel by herself. Other times as many as 3 or 4 of the chimps will hang out there, overlooking our progress as we clean their rooms. With all the space they have both inside and out it always makes us smile to see them all hanging out together, lined up looking out at us from the tunnel.

-Rebecca, caregiver