Thiele And Emma Have A Girls' Day

Thiele And Emma Have A Girls’ Day

Thiele is one chimp that likes her down time but when she is ready to play she can be the life of the party. One day this week Thiele and Emma were inseparable. Emma didn’t seem in a mood to play at first but Thiele wouldn’t let her get away that easy. Thiele tugged at the blanket that Emma was sitting on and pulled her off the ledge. Thiele then took Emma’s hand and shook her arm until Emma finally gave in and started playing with her. They playfully grabbed at each others limbs and poked each other and laughed as they did this. When is was time to go outside Thiele and Emma sat close together as they foraged for fresh produce through the pile of fallen leaves. They spent the whole day playing, laughing, and grooming. Topo was in the group as well but kept his distance and let Emma and Thiele have their girls day.


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor