Thiele, Topo, and Patti Have a Jam Sesh

Topo and Thiele Have a Jam Sesh

I wrote recently about Thiele and Herbie having some fun, giggling, and playing games. Thiele also has a great relationship with our other resident adult male, Topo. When Thiele is in the same room as Topo, they occasionally play a drumming game. This week, it began when Thiele used her knuckles on just one hand to casually create a steady beat, by drumming on the bench she was sitting on. Soon, she was using both fists and her entire upper body bounced up and down as she drummed. Topo began drumming on his bench at a similar tempo as Thiele. The drumming became more enthusiastic and they both were on their feet, bent over drumming with their whole bodies. Topo smiled his signature grin and Thiele let out an occasional grunt, being the vocal chimp that she is. Soon, Patti joined in and the three chimps were drumming together. After a few minutes of drumming, they stopped, and Patti, Thiele, and Topo were all holding hands, and started swinging their arms. They then took turns putting their hands in each others’ mouths; a show of trust. I would say that this fun game between the adults is just as fun to observe and it is so heartwarming to watch the chimps reinforce their friendships and enjoy themselves.

You can hear Topo’s drumming, along with vocalizations from the other chimps, featured in the new music album, I Am, I Am!


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor