Topo’s Favorite Show

As winter approaches and the temperature drops in Bend, the chimps are forced to spend more time indoors, particularly in the evening.  To curb indoor boredom for the chimps we offer as much stimulating enrichment as possible for them.  One common device that a few of the chimps enjoy is the TV and DVD player.  The TV provides sights and sounds the chimps are not always used to and offers an hour or two of entertainment.  Topo’s favorite enclosure happens to have the best view of the TV, so more often than not; I cater to his tastes.  I always try to take notes on what Topo is or isn’t watching.  I recently found out Topo and I enjoy the same show, Seinfeld.  Fortunately for Topo it comes on when the chimps come in for dinner.  I always try to turn it to our favorite show so we can have a laugh together as Topo enjoys his meal.

I have also discovered recently that Topo loves the soothing sounds of golf.  While I find it boring to watch on TV, Topo can’t take his eyes off.  During tournaments I try to turn on the entire event so Topo can keep up with his favorite golfers.  I am planning to get the old guy a new movie or two for his birthday on November 16th.  He would love it if you did too!

Please consider donating, giving a gift, or adopting Topo for his 50th birthday celebration!