Topo's Kids Camp

Topo’s Kids Camp

The sanctuary’s first ever Topo’s Kids Camp went off without a hitch on July 23rd this summer, welcoming an eager group of youngsters from Sisters, Oregon! The day campers were invited to experience the life of a chimpanzee and learn why providing excellent, stable homes for the animals is so important. I manned the Enrichment Station for part of the day, helping the kids make pretzel and cereal necklaces and goodie boxes filled with newspaper and treats. To pass the time between switching stations, I joined the kids in a game of “Ape, Ape, Chimp,” and was surprised to find myself countlessly outrun by them. The Education Station is where a camper could go to learn about the residents and how they ended up here at Chimps, Inc. Next on the list was a tour of the grounds, spying Jackson and Emma in the tunnels and observing Patti forage for cherries in the Big Outdoor enclosure. After a nice picnic lunch, the chimps were safely secured indoors and the acre Big Outdoor enclosure was opened for a fun, run in the sun. In a relay race, the kids fished for “termites,” avoided “fire ants” in a tire dash, balanced on a “tree branch” log, swung over a “crocodile river,” and raced to the finish line on all fours, like a chimpanzee. Marla, our Executive Director said it the best, “They all came here kids and left as chimpanzees!”

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Chloe C., Intern