Tug 'O War

Tug ‘O War

Volunteers at Chimps Inc do not have direct contact with the chimps so we have to get creative with the ways that we interact and play with the chimps. Sometimes we blow bubbles for them or chase them around the perimeter of an enclosure. One event stands out though, when I had an opportunity to play with the chimps in a fun, new way. While picking up debris underneath an aerial tunnel I heard CJ putting a lot of work into tearing up a blanket. She ripped it in a way that it became a long fleece rope, then lowered it down slowly as if she were Rapunzel. I grabbed the end she lowered for me and began pulling. Jackson soon realized what was happening and quickly ran over to pull the rope back up. I tugged more and Emma soon joined in also. All three “kids” were pulling on one end of the rope (obviously taking it pretty easy on me) while I pulled on the bottom end. Jacksons ears flopped back and forth while he shook his head, laughing. While Jackson made progress pulling the rope up, CJ made sure the game continued by feeding the back end of it back down to me. This is one of my most treasured experiences with the chimps and it felt like such an honor to be included in their game, and to be connected to them as they played, even if it was through a fifteen foot rope.


Kaleigh, Volunteer