Post Easter Afternoon

Post-Easter Afternoon

Post Easter celebration yields relaxation for all….

After several rounds of Easter egg hunts and forages, all of the animals at Chimps Inc. are now enjoying a peaceful, semi-lazy Sunday afternoon. Patti is lounging in the Big Outdoor habitat where she appears snug in her warm bundle of blankets. Thiele also has created a comfortable nest where she prefers to rest indoors. Even Topo, who’s job as alpha never ends, has taken time for an afternoon snooze. From the other side of the sanctuary, we have Siberian lynx, Alfonz, peacefully resting after an enriching turkey dinner. There’s no mistaking that he and all the animals here are reaping the benefits of a sanctuary life. From the humans and animals at Chimps Inc., may your Easter holiday be just as peaceful! ~Shayla Scott, Snr. Caregiver