Which Chimp Is Your Favorite?

Which Chimp Is Your Favorite?

A couple days after starting my internship here at Chimps Inc., I was asked the question: “Which chimp is your favorite?” To this day this has to be one of the hardest questions I’ve been asked! I have been at Chimps Inc. for a little over a month now and the answer to the question still eludes me. Each chimp has such a dynamic personality that they are incomparable. Recently, however, I found out which chimp matched my personality. On the Chimps Inc. website there is a personality quiz that will match you with the chimp most like you.

I am most like our amazing chimp Thiele. What a perfect match! I have so much respect for Thiele’s calm and easy-going ways. She always enjoys a good meal and a mid-day nap. I can appreciate those too!

Each intern here recently took the quiz and it is so fun to watch everyone discover how alike they are the to chimp they were paired with on the questionnaire.

…I was matched with Thiele, who will your chimp match be?


Julianne B., Intern