Who Needs Juice When You've Got Ice?

Who Needs Juice When You’ve Got Ice?

To make sure the chimps stay cool and hydrated on these hot days, the caregivers pass out ice cold juice and water throughout the day. We were surprised to learn that putting juice or water into a cup of ice is not always necessary for the chimps to enjoy them. The other day, Patti accepted a cup of juice with ice from me and then went off to sit in the shade and enjoy her beverage. She took a couple of sips and then very carefully dumped the rest of the juice out of the cup without letting any of the ice fall onto the ground. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and dumped half of the cup of ice into it until her cheeks were bulging, and then leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. She sat there for a while, content as could be, still holding the cup of ice loosely in her hand, and every so often letting out a giant slurp as she moved the ice around in her mouth. Now we know that even when juice isn’t on hand, a cup of ice will suit Patti just fine.